5 Reasons Why Storytelling is Key for Entrepreneurs


We often hear and read about stories; be it in fiction like novels and storybooks — non-fiction such as biographies, feature stories, the news — in entertainment through movies and songs.

Storytelling has always been critical to the human race; we communicate and share our experiences through the stories we tell — storytelling is also how we teach children about the good and bad. It is how we have survived and thrived for generations.



Image: https://www.britannica.com/topic/hieroglyph

Ancient Egyptians, are widely considered to have created the first language through hieroglyphic (pictographic symbols). Much of what we have learned about them are through the history they have left for Egyptologists to uncover.

Fast forward to 2020, storytelling has entrenched its position firmly in our digital world. Social media and technology have been gamechangers to the way we think and communicate — creating a digital global footprint of stories. Imagine, the millions of stories that are floating around in a digital cloud.  Where do we begin to read and understand all of that information? Digital storytelling has both lost and found its way — we may be overwhelmed with the magnitude of what we would like to share and read.  Over exposure to various ideas and messages can confuse and dilute one’s thought process.

Storytelling is about communicating a message, an idea, an experience or documenting history through narration, symbols and writing.  Simple, Clear and Concise messaging works the best. Businesses are all about storytelling too — to educate, entertain and empower.

In marketing, business storytelling is an essential tool because it helps to align between your business, your prospects and the customers.

The goal here is to create human connections, as business storytelling is about resonating with people that needs your help.

The story you tell will help your prospects in their decision-making, such as making purchase or deciding on wanting a product or service.

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