5 Reasons your Brand needs a Coffee table Book

The story of a brand is not static; it meanders through key events and milestones to form its history. Products and services are the lineaments of a brand story, yet the compelling narrative of your brand is what draws the customers.  There are many ways of highlighting how your brand works and what drives it; none is as powerful as a coffee table book.

The allure of socials is undeniable; it instantaneously reaches out to your audience and keeps a digital footprint of how your brand is being perceived.  Socials keep your brand in the present and offer your customers the latest on what you do, but a coffee table book speaks volumes about a brand’s personality, style and messaging. Struggling for space amongst other brands who are on the radar of your followers? A coffee table book anchors your position as a leader of your field.  It directly draws attention to the work that you do and becomes a ‘calling card”. While millions can follow you online, those who purchase your book are those authentically interested in your brand.

Coffee table books are an ode to a brand’s history and its people, presented in a creative and perceptive way. Everybody enjoys a feel-good story, and we feel connected when we experience the journey of an idea’s birth and its development.  Customers look for a transformative experience with their favourite brands, and the synergy of beautiful imagery and compelling words in a coffee table book provides them with exactly that.

Then, how can a brand use coffee tables, books to stay relevant and serve their long-term needs? We have chosen a few examples of how brands have stood amongst others to share their personality, strengths and history through a coffee table book.


Educate your Prospects

Temasek Polytechnic launched a coffee table book titled BOLD Too, and it features 20 TP alumni who have succeeded in their respective fields as entrepreneurs.  The brainchild of the Temasek Launchpad, Temasek Polytechnic, the book shares the good work and support rendered by the department for its past and present students.  The hard-won journeys of the entrepreneurs are meant to prompt creative thinking and inculcate an entrepreneurship mindset.

We worked closely with the Book team at Temasek Polytechnic to bring the stories of the entrepreneurs to life. The book is intended for anyone who aspires to pursue entrepreneurship. It is a great read because it talks about the road less travelled; the risks taken, the small wins for greater success and also the losses that make the entrepreneurs’ achievements profound.


Accentuate your Strengths

Sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas launched the ‘Culinary Journeys with Anantara’ coffee-table book. The book is a great way to revel in the present with the time-honoured traditions of the past. The volume guides readers through a culinary expedition featuring the recipes from over 15 countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia amongst others. With a worldwide presence, the hotel drew its customers in by featuring the culinary delights available in the countries they are located in.


Commemorate your Corporate History


Luxury met history when Bentley launched a trio of luxury books to celebrate 100 years. A visual treat, it pays homage to Bentley as one of the world’s most prestigious brands. The book indulges readers through stylish images depicting their meteoric climb to the peak. The book is a collectable item that honours the rich traditions of being a part of the Bentley family. While mere mortals may find the diamond-encrusted coffee table book priced at over $200,000 out of our reach, the Bentley book reflects how a well-crafted book becomes an impressive and unparalleled experience for your customers as they leaf through your corporate story and your accomplishments.


Standout by Standing In



The humans of New York: Stories by Brandon Stanton is a heartfelt compilation of stories of everyday people on the streets of New York. What started as a photography project has now evolved into a community. The project that began online evolved into a print collectable where we can be a part of someone’s story.  Complete with beautiful portraits of people captured in everyday moments and powerful words defining their story, the author has sparked curiosity in mundane moments. We may never look at a person walking past us on the streets the same way again, for you never know the story they hold inside.  What everyday moment of your customer’s experience makes your brand special?





The Tom Ford book celebrates excellence in style, and it bids adieu to a man who redefined fashion, especially for Gucci.  Artfully depicted in the book is his memorable residence with the fashion industry.  Oozing high fashion through its editorial images, there is a hint of Tom Ford’s lavish personality that shines through every page. A must-have a deluxe coffee table book it instantly adds class and grace to any table it sits on.  The book is a perfect way to showcase the work and personality of a man who has paved the way for many aspirants.  Every brand serves to enliven and motivate in its way; a coffee table book enables brands through carefully curated imagery and content to enthuse people.

As digital media takes over, we often forgot how our senses are triggered when we leaf through the pages of a book and revel in its artistory – the union of words and visuals coming together.  A well-crafted book cuts through the digital noise and places in your customer’s hands the story of your brand.  With each page turned it relives history, as your customer makes sense of the present and journeys with you in the future.

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