6 Ways to Let your Content Do the Talking


Realness is so very important — particularly in today’s times, where it is difficult to distinguish what is true and false. When you demonstrate empathy, sincerity and stay honest to the heart of what your brand and company is, people are more likely to relate to you.



Don’t we all hate it when we don’t have enough information about a product, particularly when you search for it online. While you do not have to give away everything about what you offer, it is important to spend time on what you are trying to say. Content that is haphazardly put together is evident to your customer and could bore them. Good content must be clear, concise, and catchy.


Communicate, Do Not Sell

No one wants to hear a sales pitch in the 21st century. With information at their fingertips, your customers don’t need you to sell them a pitch, what they want to hear is the 5W 1H — How, Why, When, What, Where, Who of your brand. They want to hear and see a story and understand the cultural bond with your brand and service.


It is all about the attitude

We are naturally drawn to individuals with great personalities, the same works for brands. When a brand is fun, easy going and engaging customers are more likely to gravitate towards it. Even if you are in a serious industry, you can emote a connection with your readers in the manner your content is written and presented.


Stay Relevant

Use terminology that is relevant to your target audience. Using millennial jargon with an older audience would mean that your content is lost on them and vice versa. The best way to craft your content is to keep your content realistic and relevant to the topic you are addressing. If certain jargons are necessary with a certain subject, use them, but explain it as well.



Don’t stop writing, it may feel overwhelming to produce and keep up with a social media calendar that hits all the notes. Proper and advanced planning can and will help the brand to stay consistent.  Working with a content agency, that can help you manage the ideation, planning, writing, editing, design and management of your social media account(s) helps greatly. In WriteHaus Asia, a content agency, we have  worked with brands like Soccajoeys Australia, SHATEC, Temasek Poly, Montessori Children’s Academy and many others to produce their content.


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