Learning New Tricks: Why We Put Writers at The Heart of Our Business

Persuasion Is Key Persuasive writing techniques benefit both internal and external communications. Sales and marketing professionals are skilled at persuading customers to take the desired action. The most important technique in persuasive writing is ‘it’s all about you.’ Ask Yourself: What piques the reader’s interest in your topic? Write your content from the perspective of […]

Mixing Business with Love: Tips to Owning a Business with Someone you Love

Mixing business with your romantic partner can seem like a bad idea. But it does not have to be — it can support the growth and maturity of the relationship as you work towards common achievements. I will not sugarcoat the truth — it is hard and probably not for everyone. It can either make […]

2021 in Review: What We Learnt This Year

Is the year ending? We can’t believe how quickly the last two years have gone by. It feels surreal working and living through a pandemic — one for the history books for sure.     Allan & Durga, the founders of Writehaus Asia     We produced a law book with PKWA, ‘Divorce Done Right: […]

Reflections Of An Unpredictable Year Of 2020

2021 is finally here and we couldn’t be more stoked to usher in a new year of possibilities and hopefully uneventful adventures! 2020 was certainly an interesting year! To many the year was tumultuous and trying and to some others, it was a year of self-discovery and change. Regardless of where it took us, 2020 […]