Quotes from women who are/were titans in their respective fields

Quotes are a great way to learn about different perspectives. Some quotes have had me go “Wow, I never thought about it that way!”. Here are some quotes from women who are/were titans in their respective fields!   About WriteHaus Asia WriteHaus Asia is a Singapore based branding and content agency.  Founded in 2016, we […]

July 14 – Shark Awareness Day!

Remember Jaws? Getting in the pool, or sea was never the same — an imaginary shark always crept up on us and the infamous music in the movie did not help the reputation of these beautiful and powerful creatures of the sea. Sharks are always the villains when in fact we do more harm to […]

Through the Eyes of – Business Owners from Around the World

COVID-19 has abruptly thrown our lives into unprecedented times, testing our resolve. It has taken over life as we know it, our work, daily routines, and entertainment. However, through adversity, it has also sown the seeds of hope, endurance, and perseverance. Stories that show us that with solidarity, we can carry each other through the […]