Fandi Ahmad

The Brief

Celebrating the life of Fandi Ahmad, one of Singapore’s most beloved football players, we were to conceptualise, develop, write and design a book that would inspire and evoke nostalgia.

Our Solutions

We presented a book outline, marketing proposal, storyboard, design concepts and the process of embarking on the book to Fandi.


We conducted extensive research on Fandi’s four-decade career through media reports and interviews with people of relevance. Scouring through years of his history meant keeping detailed documentation for cross-referencing.


We organised interview sessions with Fandi for a year and a half and travelled to Holland and Kuala Lumpur to interview Fandi’s former teammates and friends.

Content Direction and Writing

What is unique about this book is that it is a hybrid memoir. Readers can expect themes of success, failure, motivation, passion, perseverance, discipline, hard work, determination, and dedication weaved into the chapters.


We conceptualized the book’s design to stay true to Fandi; the colour and inner pages were minimalistic to reflect his personality and simplicity.

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