How Content Changes Your Business Game

9 Ways Content Changes Your Business Game

Good content is today’s money it helps to produce an image that potential customers can relate with. Engaging, concise and informational content can change the course of how your brand is perceived.  

Today’s customers are technologically savvy and they expect information about what they wish to purchase or understand instantaneously and if you are not there to offer them that information, someone else will.


Here are 9 Ways Content Changes Your Business Game


1. Content Builds Expertise 

Before we dive in here are three questions you want to answer as a brand and business. How do you want to be perceived? How do you perceive yourself? How are you being perceived? When you share content that tells your customers who you are at your core and provide them with solutions — it inclines them to trust your opinions and advice. 

Tip: Pick three core areas that impact and influence your customers. What do they typically look for when they turn to you? What are they expecting to resolve or receive from your business? That is what you share more about on the regular. For instance, if you sell shoes — tell or show them why your shoes are great and what makes them special. If you sell services — tell or show them what makes your services stand out and why people should turn to you. 


2. Content Builds Content 

The more consistent you are with your content — the better your reach with your audience. They will learn with time that your brand is a space that they lean towards when they need knowledge in that particular topic. It also creates a bridge for you to create a brand out of your business. 

The brand is how you want your business perceived by your customers — your business image, personality, fonts, images, colours, your team and other areas form how your brand is presented.  Your content contributes significantly to this pool in the digital age — the more content you produce, you soon create a vault of information at your fingertips that slowly shapes your brand. Perhaps, a compilation of all the articles could lead to a brand book. 

Tip: The best way to start is to start — don’t worry about how perfect your content is. If what you are seeking is perfection in your content, you will never post that content. Instead seek Consistency, Clarity and Charisma — this allows your brand to shine through with intention and relatability. 



3. Content Builds Growth

It is hard to constantly conceptualise, write and produce great content. It is time-consuming and honestly a lot of work. But, buckling down and producing content helps unearth new characteristics about your brand that you may otherwise never know. Content is produced with extensive research and development; it does not take place overnight. 

During this process, it is possible to learn more about your business — its strengths and areas of improvement. Each time, a new piece of content is produced about your brand, there is a different perspective there to develop or change. 

Tip: When you produce a new piece of content, compartmentalise what you wish to say. Speak with the team you are working with to anchor a concept — be it an article, video or image. When you take it one step at a time, eventually the journey becomes a little easier and you would have created a process for the brand that everyone can follow for consistency! 


4. Content Builds Brand Recognition 

Brands are not built overnight — it took some of the biggest names years to build upon what they have. Yet, in the digitisation era, building a brand can be fast-tracked with good quality content. 

Each time you produce an article, video or image — you are sending a message out there to your target audience. You are telling them how you want to be seen, heard and talked about. So consistent building of your vault is key — while it is faster than traditional ways of marketing, content marketing still takes a good amount of dedication and consistency. 

Tip: Create a consistent look for your content based on the features and characteristics of your brand.  This way your customers and target audience can identify your content anytime and connect it back to you, generating potential leads for your business. 



5. Content Builds SEO 

The more content you produce with optimised keywords, the more you help to navigate a potential customer directly to your website.  

This increases the chances of being found when someone searches for the relevant keywords associated with your brand. The operative word here is patience — it takes time to nurture and grow content that can work for your business. 

Tip: Write up a word association list of your brand, business and the services you offer. Each time you produce content, add it to this list. Soon enough, you will have a list of keywords you can constantly refer to. 


6. Content Builds Brand Voice

Good content offers your brand a voice — one that reaches your potential customers. As businesses become more attuned to social media, a good voice helps you to build your brand’s DNA. 

Addressing the 5Ws and H — Who you are? What are your services and/or products? Where you can be found? Why are you running this business? How can your business help potential customers? Your brand voice helps to shape your business as one that is valuable and trustworthy. 

Tip: Figure out the personality of your brand — what are its likes and dislikes? What colours represent your brand? What are its moods? What characterises the brand?  

For instance, if your brand has a quiet presence — then a subtle voice that addresses topics in a minimalistic manner could be it. 

Conversely, if your brand is bold and daring — then think of bright colours and a vivacious personality. One way to identify this is to ask how your team identify with your brand.


7. Content Builds Opportunities 

As your content vault builds, you never know who is reading, watching and listening. Today the C is not in competition but in collaboration, so consistent content could bring unexpected opportunities to the table. 

Tip: Think about new areas that your business wants to explore, what does that look like? Then steer your content direction towards that, and you could end up with unexpected collaborations. 

For instance, if you sell shoes for a living, and you love art. Perhaps start talking about the art that you love and appreciate — voila! That could end with the artist featuring their artwork on your shoes!



8. Content Builds Heart 

With so much similar content to sieve through, potential customers are finding it hard to identify one that makes their hearts sing. Through quality content, your business can show people what you are truly passionate about and the purpose of your business. Excite the senses of your potential customers by showcasing the hard work that goes behind the scenes. 

Share your story and who you are. Keeping up with business is hard work and it is good to let your customers know that. They will then realise your sincerity and authenticity in producing good products and offering quality products for them. 

Tip: Identify parts of your brand that you can break into hardware and software. The software is what forms the heart of your company — your team, your customers, your purpose, your vision and most importantly the story of the brand. The more potential customers learn about the brand, the more likely they are to send business your way.


9. Content Builds Hype

Never miss an opportunity to shout out for your brand — there is no shame in that. You work hard for your business — so scream its milestones from the top of the mountains!  Share content in every way conceivable way to talk about your events, milestones and new launches.  

Tip: While it is a must to talk about all your exciting projects, you don’t have to wait for that to talk your brand up!  The beauty of content is that you can find ways to do it all the time. Your business anniversary, how you overcame challenges, your happy customers and so on. 

How is your content strategy? We would love to answer any questions! Comment down below!

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