Learning Your Purpose and Why It Matters

You wake up one day and ask yourself “What am I doing with my life and where is it headed?”  That moment happens sometimes — encouraging us to take a pause and think about the journey that we have taken thus far.  It is not an exclusive question asked only by the seemingly lost and wondering, even if you have your life mapped out, Learning Your Purpose and its importance can be a game changer. It could mean a new lease of potential and possibilities that add value and diversity to your life.  It could mean becoming an entrepreneur, becoming a traveller or going after that project or passion that you have wanted to pursue. 


Here, we identify some ways to help you through that. 



Are you ready for a change?

Who are you?

Before, you go further this is a question you have to answer. This is your base camp —no matter where the journey of learning your purpose takes you, this is where you return for assurance and clarity. 

Who Are You? 

Such a simple but loaded question and probably one of the hardest questions to answer. To understand where we are headed, we must first understand where we are and be prepared to face the hard truths about ourselves. We tend to keep our true selves suppressed because it is hard to face the realities of who we are or have become. Think about your strengths, weaknesses, personality, character and triggers — what makes you the person that you are?  How do you see yourself? How do others see you and how do you want others to see you? 

Learning who you are helps to anchor your values, conduct and principles which are the pillars to learning your purpose and authoring your story.

Write the following; 

  • How do you define your personality? 
  • What is your belief system?
  • How do you define your character? 
  • What are qualities you admire about yourself?
  • What are areas you don’t like about yourself?



Why are you looking for a purpose?

What is the catalyst that is asking you to examine your life in search of a purpose?  Learning the ‘Why’ in our search for a purpose could be the answer to a meaningful life. Perhaps you feel that you are not maximising your potential or that you could learn more. Or do you feel that you need a change of pace and environment? Or you simply feel stuck and want to get out of a rut and routine that is not serving your interests anymore.

So, Why Are You Looking For A Purpose? 

This question could potentially uncover where you are in life at the moment and the change that you need to make. What is the act of compassion that you need for yourself to change where you are at this very moment? 

Write the following;

  • Think about the event/incident that led you to look for your purpose 
  • How do you think learning your purpose will change you?
  • What is a purpose to you? 



What makes you great?

To uncover your purpose, you must first uncover your greatness.  What do you bring to the table that is of value to yourself? This is the identity that frames your purpose and drives its potential. 

Think about What Makes You Great?

Greatness is not something that we can simply lay claim to, it has to be earned and honoured with hard work and grit. Your greatness is the sum of your goals, grit and potential. The more work you are willing to put into yourself, the greater you shine. Greatness is unique because each of us has different pursuits and aspirations. What is a goal to me may not be for you, but we can still put our best foot forward. You can’t discover your greatness if you don’t get out of your comfort zone. 

Write the following; 

  • How do you or have you created an impact? 
  • Name three core strengths of yours
  • Name three core areas of improvement



How can you learn your purpose?

This is a trick question — because realising your purpose takes patience and is a life-long endeavour. If you are dedicated to your past and honour the present you can be certain of your future. Seek excellence and not perfection — try your best at everything that you do. Learning your purpose is not an enigma — it is a matter of choice, action and belief that you can.  Your purpose may also change with time as you evolve, don’t be afraid of the change and embrace it. With a renewed sense of purpose, you acquire new skills and a greater sense of being. 

So, How Can You Learn Your Purpose?

Focus on what matters, your mind and body know what they enjoy and what makes them recoil in apprehension and fear. Don’t judge your journey to learning your purpose, have no expectations and give up the need to control the outcome. Simply enjoy the process and let it guide you. You will know you are on the cusp of learning your purpose when you don’t have to betray your happiness and peace to achieve it, instead, it makes you happy and content to do the work. 

Write the following: 

  • What is one thing you have been holding off on and wish to start?
  • What do you love and brings you joy?
  • How can I start this journey?

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