Caring Capybara Chronicles:

Unveiling the Heartwarming Journey of Cheng Hong Welfare Service Society

In the dense and diverse ecosystem of social welfare, Cheng Hong Welfare Service Society (CHWSS) emerges as a benevolent capybara, providing compassionate care and support to those navigating the intricate paths of life’s challenges. Established in 2004 and officially recognized as an Institution of Public Character (IPC), CHWSS has grown into a nurturing presence in the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) family.

Our Insight

In the heart of this flourishing forest of community care, WriteHaus Asia teamed up with CHWSS to document their remarkable journey through the lens of video storytelling. Much like the capybara, known for its social nature and communal spirit, CHWSS operates 10 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinics and a mobile TCM clinic, acting as healing sanctuaries dispersed island-wide.

Our Approach

Our collaborative effort involved extensive conceptualization and planning, with video scriptwriting rooted in thorough research on welfare services, funeral practices, and the unique aspects of CHWSS’s contributions. Crafted with the precision of a capybara’s careful grooming, the videos aimed to showcase the organization’s multifaceted endeavors, from providing pro bono traditional Chinese treatment to delivering food rations, education grants, and heartfelt visits to homes.

Our Solution

Recognizing the significance of the Afterlife Memorial Service introduced by CHWSS in 2012, our video approach captured the essence of this unique offering – a service as rare and impactful as a capybara’s presence in the Amazon Forest. The video post-production editing, much like the intricate grooming habits of capybaras, included the creation of a main 6-minute video, a 1-minute trailer, and a 3-minute social media video, each revealing different facets of CHWSS’s compassionate outreach.

Our Result

In our endeavor to share the tales of CHWSS’s benevolent capybara-like spirit, we carefully tended to the video production’s marketing and dissemination, akin to nurturing a flourishing forest of awareness. The videos, now available for viewing, showcase the capybara-inspired harmony within CHWSS’s initiatives, echoing through the online canopies of various platforms and social media channels. This visual symphony aims to inspire others to embrace the communal spirit of the capybara, fostering a compassionate landscape within the hearts of the viewers.

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