Fandi: Honour and Sacrifice

The Sunday Times No 1 Best Seller

Embarking on a literary journey with Mr Fandi Ahmad, WriteHaus Asia created an ecosystem integral to the successful creation, progression and completion of the biography, which earned us the following milestones;

Our Insight

Like towering trees reaching for the sky, you can witness the arduous steps Mr. Fandi Ahmad took from his humble beginnings, guided by the wisdom of sacrifice and nourished by the fertile soil of passion and dedication. Venture deep into the lush depths of Fandi Ahmad’s extraordinary journey, where WriteHaus Asia skillfully cultivates an interconnected forest of utmost importance for flourishing growth, steady advancement, and the eventual fruition of his biography, ‘Fandi: Honour & Sacrifice’.

Through the pages of this biography, readers are beckoned to step into the majestic forest of Fandi Ahmad’s life, weaving their way through towering trees of insight and revelation. Joined by Fandi and his family, the journey winds through the dense thickets of his mindset, where the roots of his character were firmly planted.

Within this vibrant ecosystem, readers witness sun-dappled moments of growth and transformative events that served as nourishing rain, shaping Fandi’s branches of determination, dedication, discipline, and sacrifice (3DS). Just as a forest thrives with interconnected life, this biography offers a glimpse into the intricate web of Fandi’s life, where every chapter whispers the secrets of his towering success.

Our Approach

Like skilled foresters, we carefully cultivated a publication that serves as a reflection of Mr. Fandi Ahmad’s career and life spanning four decades. Just as a diverse forest is vibrant, each chapter and page represents a flourishing branch reaching out to provide valuable guidance and understanding to those who seek it.

Our publication aims to share valuable insights and knowledge gained through extensive research, interviews, and meticulous documentation, ensuring that our readers are not only informed but also enchanted by the rich tapestry of Mr. Fandi’s journey.

Our Solution

Book writing requires significant commitment, creativity and hard work. There is an entire ecosystem dedicated to writing and producing one publication. WriteHaus Asia approached Mr. Fandi’s Biography as if nurturing a delicate flower.

With great care and attention to detail, we handled each aspect of the book’s touchpoint — research and writing, the cover design, interior typesetting, marketing and public relations, a dedicated website (, a captivating book trailer, as well as planning and executing the book launch. Additionally, we managed social media presence and organised engaging events to market and promote the book, ensuring it reaches every major bookstore in Singapore.

Our Result

In our quest to promote the book, we diligently tended to marketing and sales initiatives, much like nurturing a thriving forest ecosystem. The culmination of our literary ecosystem yielded outstanding results:


Over 5,000 copies sold: A testament to the resonance of Fandi’s story.


The Sunday Times No. 1 bestseller for eight weeks: A remarkable achievement reflecting the widespread appeal of the biography.


Nominee for the Popular Reader’s Choice Award: An acknowledgment of the book’s impact on readers.

In the forest of literary endeavors, our collaboration with Fandi Ahmad stands as a towering testament to our commitment to crafting compelling narratives and bringing them to the world with the finesse of a well-balanced ecosystem.