Nurturing SHATEC's Digital Grove:

A Forest of Hospitality Wisdom Cultivated by WriteHaus Asia

Our Insight

In the enchanting and constantly evolving tapestry of hospitality education, SHATEC emerges as a majestic redwood, casting its benevolent shadow and imparting profound wisdom to both present and aspiring students seeking sanctuary in the realm of knowledge.

Joining hands with this revered institution, WriteHaus Asia set forth on a magical expedition to elevate SHATEC’s online presence, cultivating a digital landscape reminiscent of a vibrant forest where captivating content flourishes like the mythical creatures that roam its lush domains.

Our Approach

Wandering through the lush undergrowth of online communication, we conjured a comprehensive content strategy akin to the majestic giants within a sprawling and diverse enchanted forest. Like a masterful dance with the shifting seasons, we intricately mapped out 12 months of articles, videos, and digital endeavors, breathing life into the vibrant SHATEC ecosystem.

Much like a thriving forest sustains itself with a myriad of flora, our content sought to meet the varied needs of SHATEC’s student community—a blend of informative articles, enchanting stories, and mesmerizing interviews, much like the magical creatures that inhabit the woods.

Our Solution

Website Creation

As the wizards crafting the enchanted realm, we envisioned and orchestrated website content that serves as the mystical soil nurturing the growth of SHATEC’s online presence. Our content writing transformed into the magical roots, firmly anchoring the website with captivating and pertinent information. The design, reminiscent of a majestic forest canopy, unfolded as an enchanting shelter, inviting visitors into the mystical depths of the virtual woodland.

Video Production

In the expansive realm of SHATEC’s digital wilderness, our video production endeavors were akin to tending a vibrant enchanted orchard.

From the magical stages of conceptualization and scriptwriting to the majestic realms of video design and post-production editing, each video blossomed into a unique spectacle, unveiling the triumphs, events, and culinary wonders flourishing within the enchanted SHATEC ecosystem.

Digital Marketing

In the ever-expanding digital wilderness, our digital marketing endeavors resembled the gentle breeze that carries the enchanting scent of blossoms.

Employing content marketing, Facebook ads, and social media strategies, our goal was to beckon visitors to the thriving SHATEC jungle, a realm teeming with knowledge and inspiration.

Content Creation

Similar to nurturing an array of magical trees, we envisioned and crafted content that spans the realms of hospitality and tourism research, embracing the delicate art of editing and proofreading.

Our content emerged as the vibrant leaves that whisper with enchanting insights, creating a harmonious symphony of knowledge within the mystical academic forest.

Our Result

In our committed quest to enhance SHATEC’s digital presence, we assumed the role of attentive forest stewards, carefully tending to marketing and communication initiatives. Just as devoted stewards nurture a thriving ecosystem, our efforts aimed to ensure that SHATEC’s insights spanned major platforms and echoed profoundly with its audience.

The digital forest of SHATEC now stands as a harmonious symphony of growth, where each piece of content contributes to the melodious tapestry of knowledge and inspiration, creating a vibrant and dynamic landscape for students and enthusiasts alike.