In the intricate forest of family law, PKWA Law stands as a towering oak, providing shade and guidance to those navigating the terrain of divorce. Embarking on this legal journey alongside Singapore’s Best Law Firm – PKWA Law, WriteHaus Asia conceptualised, edited and published a book titled, “Divorce Done Right: A Guide To Family Law in Singapore”.

We helped readers traverse the dense undergrowth of legal proceedings, providing in-depth information on how to get a divorce with minimal acrimony. It also contains simple and easy-to-understand information on divorce law and process in Singapore. All proceeds from the book will go to charity.

Our Insight

In the vast and tangled forest of family law, PKWA Law stands tall like a mighty oak, offering shelter and guidance to those braving the wilderness of divorce. Teaming up with Singapore’s top law firm – PKWA Law, WriteHaus Asia has co-created a book titled “Divorce Done Right: A Guide To Family Law in Singapore.”

This book acts as a compass, helping readers navigate the dense underbrush of legal proceedings, and providing detailed insights on navigating divorce with minimal conflict. It also presents straightforward and easy-to-understand information on divorce law and process in Singapore. Plus, all the profits from the book will go to charity.

Our Approach

In our diverse forest of opportunities, we expanded our reach by creating a publication that captures the expertise of PKWA Law. Just like how different plants in a forest provide various resources, our publication aims to share valuable insights and knowledge from PKWA Law with others.

Book Writing Process

Our approach involved extensive research to grasp the core values and expertise of PKWA Law. We engaged in interviews with key stakeholders, clients, and legal experts to gain diverse insights and perspectives. With our wealth of knowledge and creativity, we illuminated the story of PKWA Law in a captivating and inspiring manner.

Every step of the publication process was a carefully guided expedition led by WriteHaus Asia, encompassing book conceptualization, lawyer interviews, research on divorce law in Singapore, and the translation of legal jargon into accessible language. Recognizing the importance of catering to readers unfamiliar with family law, each chapter underwent meticulous line editing, copy editing, and proofreading to ensure a seamless flow of the narrative. Furthermore, we prioritized the book’s design, selecting visual elements that complemented the written content while maintaining a professional and polished appearance.

This deliberate approach aimed to instill a sense of credibility and trust, enticing readers to engage with the publication. Just as a healthy ecosystem thrives on balance and harmony, our creative process sought to harmonize various elements to produce a compelling and visually appealing book.

Our Solution

In collaborating with PKWA Law, our journey involved extensive research and interviews to capture the firm’s 30-year history and expertise. We meticulously crafted a publication that seamlessly weaves together legal insights and divorce processes, ensuring accessibility for all readers. Our creative approach prioritized both content and design, resulting in a compelling and visually appealing book.

Our Result

In our quest to promote the book, we diligently tended to the marketing and sales initiatives, much like nurturing a thriving forest ecosystem. We ensured widespread availability by distributing the book to major bookstores in Singapore, including Popular, Times Book Store, Kinokuniya, and Amazon Books.