Reach the Top with Big Dreams

“Reach the Top with Big Dreams” is a motivational autobiography written by Dr. T. Chandroo, the visionary founder and CEO of Modern Montessori International (MMI). Symbolizing the climb towards success, the book was officially launched on March 27, 2016, with the esteemed presence of the Minister for Trade and Industry as the honored guest.

With its core theme centered around scaling great heights through ambitious aspirations, this book is a beacon for those brave souls daring to dream big. Its purpose is to ignite inspiration and provide motivation, particularly to aspiring young entrepreneurs. Notably, MMI stands tall as the world’s largest Montessori franchise, flourishing with an impressive annual revenue exceeding $20 million.

Our Insight

Dr. T. Chandroo, the visionary Chairman and CEO of Modern Montessori International Pre-School, and WriteHaus Asia embarked on an enlightening expedition through the wilderness of education.

Our Approach

In this journey through the educational forest, the process of book editing acts as the steadfast foundation, resembling the roots that firmly anchor trees. With meticulous care, we prune and refine the manuscript, nurturing Dr. Chandroo’s story to flourish as a majestic tree brimming with wisdom and inspiration. Navigating through the thick underbrush of Book Research, Editing, and Crafting the Manuscript is akin to exploring the diverse ecosystem of a forest.

The meticulous editing and crafting, akin to the careful pruning of branches in a flourishing woodland, allow us to sculpt his story. This process captures not only the surface-level details but also delves into the profound depths of his growth and triumph, much like exploring the hidden roots of an ancient tree in the heart of the forest. Our publication aims to share a valuable, vast, and rich forest to explore the intricacies of Dr. Chandroo’s life and career, ensuring that our readers are not only informed but also enchanted by the landscape of his journey as if it were an untamed woodland.

Just as the trees in a forest contribute to its enchanting scenery, the writing phase becomes a process of intertwining the dreams of Dr. T. Chandroo into the fabric of words. His unwavering belief in the mind as a potent tool for transforming dreams into reality serves as the guiding sunlight filtering through the forest canopy, providing direction.

During this literary journey, we draw parallels to the sturdy resilience of a tree standing tall during storms, translating Dr. Chandroo’s narrative into a tale of unwavering strength.

Our Solution

In the flourishing woodland of literary endeavors, WriteHaus Asia seizes the opportunity to harvest fruits and flowers, delicately weaving them into exquisite arrangements to adorn the doorstep. Our skilled hands engage in the artistry of book editing, book designing, book marketing, and book launching, akin to crafting a vibrant bouquet from the bounties of the forest.

Book editing is the meticulous cultivation of the literary soil, where the essence of decades of business and life experiences is sown. Each chapter, like a variety of trees in a diverse forest, unveils different stages of a remarkable journey.

These chapters resonate with readers, acting as seeds of inspiration that prompt them to cultivate their own dreams into reality, much like the thriving life within a forest ecosystem. Book designing emerges as the canvas upon which the vivid portrait of Dr. T’s Journey is painted. With the finesse of a forest artist, carefully curated photos become the leaves, complementing the author’s words and creating windows into his life. This artistic endeavor allows readers to peer through the foliage, gaining a glimpse into the person behind the biography and immersing themselves in the rich landscape of the author’s experiences.