Illuminating the Financial Forest with Five Years of Brilliance

Our Insight

In the expansive and intricate forest of financial services, SOLAS emerges as a radiant beacon, celebrating five years of brilliance. Unlike conventional firms that adhere to traditional colors and copy, SOLAS desires to stand out, to be a distinct presence amidst the financial woodland.

We, WriteHaus Asia, took up the task of ensuring that SOLAS’s clients not only see but feel the rejuvenated professionalism and credibility through visual imagery and content. Just as the name suggests, SOLAS aims to be the guiding light in the financial forest, and our collaborative efforts with the management team were directed towards portraying a reliable, relatable, and respectable SOLAS team.

Our Approach

Every aspect of branding and copywriting became a collaborative expedition with the SOLAS team, akin to navigating through the redesign forest. From reshaping the logo to selecting color schemes and refining content to match their renewed image, the concept of the guiding light steered our efforts.

Our Solution: Navigating the Redesign Forest

WriteHaus Asia took charge of managing and assisting in various aspects, acting as the forestry caretaker nurturing the growth of SOLAS:


Discovery Session

An exploration akin to uncovering hidden treasures within the financial forest.

Brand Audit

Clearing the path to reveal the strengths and opportunities in SOLAS's brand landscape.

Competitor and Market Research

Navigating through the financial ecosystem to understand the competition and market dynamics.

Brand Recommendations

Providing the necessary signposts to guide SOLAS towards a distinguished brand identity.

Brand Messaging

Crafting messages that resonate like the harmonious sounds of a thriving forest.

Brand Identity Design

Shaping the roots of SOLAS' identity, ensuring a strong and stable foundation.

Brand Voice

Creating a melody that echoes through the financial woodland, making SOLAS's presence felt.

Brand Style Guide

Establishing the rules governing SOLAS's brand, maintaining harmony and balance.

Logo Design

Crafting an emblem that symbolizes the strength and uniqueness of SOLAS.

Content Writing

In our quest to promote the book, we diligently tended to marketing and sales initiatives, much like nurturing a thriving forest ecosystem. The culmination of our literary ecosystem yielded outstanding results:


Articles research and Writing: Delving into the financial ecosystem, conducting interviews with stakeholders, and outlining article content. The “Big Shift” interview stands tall as an exemplar of SOLAS’s diverse and insightful content.


Website content writing

Our Result

In our endeavor to cast a spotlight on SOLAS and its splendid five-year journey, we conscientiously nurtured marketing and sales initiatives, much like caretakers tending to a flourishing forest ecosystem. Guaranteeing broad accessibility, we disseminated SOLAS’s insightful wisdom to prominent financial platforms, enabling the seeds of financial enlightenment to find fertile ground in the minds of readers.

Today, SOLAS stands as a luminous entity, gracing financial bookshelves on various platforms and adorning the shelves of major bookstores in Singapore. It embodies a symphony of harmonious growth, where each component contributes to the melodious tapestry of financial wisdom within the forest.