Unleashing Entrepreneurial Spirits: Temasek Polytechnic's Legacy

In the vast terrain of Temasek Polytechnic, a pride of entrepreneurial inspiration roams freely, where the vibrant tales of alumni entrepreneurs command attention like majestic lions, crafting a narrative woven with threads of courage and innovation.

Like experienced wildlife guardians, WriteHaus Asia took on the responsibility of nurturing this entrepreneurial savannah into a compelling book, acting as a guiding pride for TP students, encouraging them to embark with bold steps on the path of entrepreneurship charted by their forerunners.

Our Insight

Resembling the mighty elephants in the expansive and intricate forest, the book we meticulously created stands as a testament to the unstoppable vigor of Temasek Polytechnic’s alumni entrepreneurs. It functions as a leading force, providing both refuge and insight to those venturing into the entrepreneurial wilderness.

This expedition commenced with an enlightening conversation with the polytechnic’s Book Team, unearthing motivations and objectives, laying the foundation for a storyboard that would determine the content direction, design concepts, and the entire process.

Our Approach

In the dense forest of opportunities, WriteHaus Asia spread its roots, encapsulating the essence of every entrepreneurial odyssey. Much like diverse plants contributing unique resources in a flourishing forest, the book sought to disseminate invaluable insights and wisdom from TP alumni to a wider audience.

The writing phase of the book unfolded as a two-day interview session, enabling the vibrant stories of 20 entrepreneurs to blossom. Our writing, dynamic and expressive, mirrored the entrepreneurial zeal, ensuring that each story resonated with simplicity yet depth.

Our Solution

As pathfinders in the untamed wilderness of entrepreneurship, we initiated thorough research to unearth the core values and expertise of TP alumni. Entering into dialogues with these entrepreneurial giants, we brought forth their stories with creativity and insight. Each chapter underwent scrupulous editing, akin to the careful pruning of branches, ensuring a seamless narrative flow. The design, reminiscent of whimsical elements in a thriving woodland, harmonized with the stories, crafting a book that not only informed but also captivated.

Our Result

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In our unwavering commitment to propel the book, we methodically tended to marketing and sales initiatives with the precision of seasoned forest stewards. Much like nurturing a thriving ecosystem, we ensured the widespread availability of the book, allowing the seeds of entrepreneurial wisdom to firmly take root in the fertile minds of readers. The book, now nestled in major bookstores, including the literary canopies of Popular, Times Book Store, Kinokuniya, and Amazon Books, stands as a harmonious symphony.