Procrastinating? — Here’s How You Can Change the Game

Doing Something Is Better Than Nothing

Rather than forcing yourself to sit down and complete the entire task at once, take a first step in the process. For instance, start by putting on your workout outfit if you’re heading to the gym. The rest is optional until you’re ready. Task initiation is extremely difficult on its own, especially if the task is particularly large or overwhelming. Thus, focusing on starting rather than finishing a task helps you move forward.






Ask Yourself: Why do you procrastinate? To overcome it, you must first establish awareness and understand the reasons. You can’t come up with an effective solution unless you understand the underlying cause of the problem.


Maintain Your Motivation for Productivity

Channel your motivation for learning and achievement that result in positive, productive, and fulfilling feelings and actions. These reasons are in contrast to doing something because you’re afraid of failing.

Ask Yourself: What motivates you? You can make streaks. Streaks are a series of days in a row when you achieve your objectives. To maximise their effectiveness, you track them in a motivating and convenient manner. You can, for example, use a dedicated app or the Seinfeld strategy (by marking a big red X in a calendar on each day you achieve your goals).



#Just Do It! It Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect

We frequently put ourselves under pressure to complete a task. So give yourself a break and make a manageable schedule for these things. Do things on a “need to do” basis and let go of the notion that you must adhere to some rigid schedule. Instead, strive for “good enough.” If you don’t put that pressure on yourself, it will seem much more attainable, and you won’t be as nervous to start.

Ask Yourself: Are you waiting for a “perfect time” to do something? Do you tend to tell yourself that perhaps now is not the best time for A, B, or C reasons? We hate to break it to you but get rid of that notion because there’s no such thing as a perfect time. If you keep waiting for one, you will never achieve anything.


Don’t Forget To Reward Yourself

Try pairing a reward with the tasks you’re avoiding. Whether it’s watching an episode of your favourite TV show or munching on your favourite snack, rewards are a great way to motivate yourself by replacing the negative emotions associated with procrastination. It turns the work into a game and makes it less intimidating when you’re getting ready to start working.

Ask Yourself: Are you ready to stay active? Breaking the procrastination cycle is mentally taxing at first. Simply listen to your body and give it what it requires. Trust yourself and shift your mindset and break free from the cycle.


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