Demystifying The Mysterious Creative Process

The picture illustrates a dark scene with table. A warm yellow light filtering in from a window on the right illuminates a book that sits on the table.

Have you ever entered a state of ‘flow’? It is described as extreme concentration, where an individual is entirely absorbed into their work and the intrinsic value they derive from the experience. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the Hungarian-American psychologist who first introduced this concept of ‘flow’, concluded that people were happiest, most creative, and most productive when […]

Does Cheating Spell The End?

Does Cheating Spell The End? Have you found your Mr or Mrs Right? Are you worried that you’re not theirs? Lately, a decent handful of Singapore’s population view marriage as more of a luxury than a life goal, a course of action that only those who have found their ideal partner can afford.

5 Marketing Trends to Leave Behind in 2024

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5 Marketing Trends to Leave Behind in 2024 ‘Marketing’ spans diverse meanings and mediums and is widely understood as a methodology that involves promoting the value of a product or service. However, as mediums and media evolve with emerging technologies, general mass audiences are increasingly informed, empowered, and selective about engaging with marketing content. Consequently, […]