Temasek Polytechnic

The Brief

Celebrating Temasek Polytechnic’s alumni’ entrepreneurial spirit, we were asked to conceptualise, develop, write and design a book that would inspire the students of TP to be bold and follow in the entrepreneurial footsteps of their predecessors

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Our Solutions

We had an in-depth discussion with the polytechnic Book Team, which helped us understand their motivations and objectives. We presented a storyboard; that shared the content direction, the design concepts and the process.


We organised a two-day interview session with the 20 entrepreneurs at TP’s campus.

Content Direction and Writing

We kept the writing simple, dynamic and expressive based on the approved content direction.


We conceptualised the book’s design to make it refreshing and pop; blue was chosen with a bold title font for the cover. The inner pages were kept minimalistic, and quirky design elements were added for each story to reflect the entrepreneurs’ nature of business.

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The Write Way


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