What Is a Soft Life And Why Are People Embracing It?

Embrace the Soft Life Trend

The internet once glorified the #grind and the rise of the #girlboss, whereas the new#softlife trend is the polar opposite of hustle culture. The bottom line is a soft life is one of ease and comfort. It’s a way of life in which you let go of constant pressure, overwhelm, and hustle and bustle.

Ask Yourself: Is it time for my soft life to begin? It’s a way of life where you make decisions that leave you stress-free and prioritising your well-being and health. This means focusing on the small things and people in our lives that truly matter and bring us joy.


Don’t Let Anything or Anyone Bother You

You don’t worry about things or people that don’t matter, especially those that you can’t solve. We have a unique tendency as humans to cling to attachments and let things bother us for longer than they should. Soft life allows us to let go and let nature take its course as we learn how to avoid negative people and situations.

Ask Yourself: Do I want to waste my time and put stress on my mental health? You don’t have time to dwell on negative thoughts or worry if you maintain a grateful and productive attitude. You have control over your thoughts and feelings. Making notes or lists of how you feel is a good place to start. 



Don’t Live Your Life To Please Others

Because living a soft life is the goal, be yourself and be authentic. We end up pleasing no one, including ourselves, when we try to please everyone. Living the soft life you want is liberating because you aren’t under pressure to please others. Similarly, you won’t impose your will on others.

Ask Yourself: When was the last time you stood up for yourself? Pay attention to your inner dialogue—are you being kind to yourself or putting more pressure on yourself? Is your conversation about who you are and what you want to be? Or is it full of expectations of what others want you to be? Your conversation should be yours, not shaped by the thoughts of others.



Take Care Of Yourself

Take care of yourself if a soft life is what you’re after. Focusing on the present – without judging how we feel and what we think – is both a liberating and healthy practice. This is known as mindfulness, and it’s becoming an increasingly popular practice in psychological therapy

Ask Yourself: Are you prioritizing YOU? Doing it yourself is the key to effective self-care. Don’t try to make yourself do something you don’t want to do because you saw someone else on the Internet do it. Taking care of yourself should be something you enjoy doing.



Rather Than Chase, Embrace

Everything that’s meant for you naturally gravitates towards you if you put yourself first, set boundaries in your relationships, and remember you are worthy. Stop chasing after it and accept that you will attract it. Feminine energy is focused on receiving, being creative, having intuition, and flowing with ease. It becomes second nature when you embrace it.

Ask Yourself: Are you ready to embrace your soft life? There are no hard and fast rules to living softly and entering your #softera. For some, it may imply scheduling a weekly beauty treatment. Others may choose to leave a toxic relationship to prioritise mutual love. The soft life is essentially about knowing your worth and prioritising your well-being, however that manifests itself for you.

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