The Heart Behind Every Good Story

We’ve grown up reading and listening to stories, both good and bad.
A good story is emotionally-stirring, intrinsically crafted, and nests within our memories for a long, long time to come. A good story resonates not just with one person, but opens conversations for one and all.

Storytelling has become an ageless tool allowing us to connect to the world and rediscover who we are, as brands and individuals. It is an indispensable tenet of marketing that rises above white noise, to become the music people celebrate.

When you tell a good story, people become curious. They gather around eager to learn what you have to say.

Eager to find out who you are,
what you can do for them,
and how they can be a part of your story.

So telling a great and impactful story is inherently meaningful to brands, be it start-ups or corporations.

When you tell a good story, your audiences feel compelled and inspired to share it forward.
In this digital age of consumerism, a good story traverses multiple platforms, reaching more eyes and ears than ever before. Because a good story simply cannot be contained: it grabs people’s time and attention, it disrupts the norms and let real people engage in real experiences.

At this point, you’re probably wondering… okay now that I know the power of a good story, how can we tell it?


1. Know Who You Are



Maybe your company has been around for centuries, and your original purpose no longer, well, serves its purpose. 
Or maybe you are a young start-up who is trying to define who you are.

Before you tell your story, it is essential that you have a clear identity, and know what your brand purpose is.

It doesn’t have to be a grand and complicated purpose, your purpose can be as simple as “Unlocking The Power of Clothing” (UNIQLO) or “To inspire and nurture the human spirit — one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time” (Starbucks).

The important thing is, your brand positioning has to align and tap on your biggest strengths and opportunities.

By knowing who you are and what you are best at, you are already on the way to shaping how your audiences view you and connect with you. Because you are now able to deliver your best products and services to the people that need them most.

This is where we as a creative and branding agency comes into play.

At WriteHaus Asia, we help you re-establish who you are as a brand. Because your stories matter to us, we want to hear every single narrative, down to the very first brick that was built on your foundation. Yes, you can tell us that. We are here to help you understand what makes you different from your competitors, and what your competitive edge is in this rapid and fluid time.

Because by knowing who you are, you can work on your goals from within your organisation, to inspire the ones from beyond.


2. Understand Your Audience



Now that you’ve established who you are as a company, it’s important to understand who your target audience (TA) is as well.

By identifying your primary and secondary audiences, and what motivates and resonates with them, you can reach them from a deeper level.

Remember, your TA are one of the most precious assets to your brand story. You want to think of them as unique individuals, and you need to understand them from the consumer level. You need to know what they love and prioritise, what simply ticks them off, what do they need and want, what demographics and behavioural patterns do they belong to, where do they usually shop at…

There’s a long and exhaustive list to filter, and people’s attention spans are getting shorter. In today’s extremely saturated market, knowing your audience is half the battle won.

As brands, it is crucial to work with the right agency to meet your needs and craft that story for you.

At WriteHaus Asia, we help you identify and truly understand your TA. Because a good brand story is not just a one-way communication, it involves the participation of both the audience and the storyteller. We know that as a brand, your TA is the biggest driving force behind your business. So, we work closely with you to build a story that your most important people can perceive, relate and engage with.


3. Deliver a simple and impactful message



You can tell a good story in just 15 seconds. You can tell a good story in a tagline fewer than 10 words. You can tell a good story with just a single image. You can tell a good story… you get the message. 

When you have a clear, simple and focussed message that is tied closely to your brand positioning, things begin to unravel themselves.

Your TA is able to fully appreciate and understand your message.

A good marketing strategy does not involve a complicated story. Keep your messages concise yet attention-grabbing, and listen to the feedback your audience is giving you. Do they like it, or do they love it? (You best hope they don’t hate it.) How can you do better while not changing who you essentially are? What is the secret to being one of the best storytellers around? How do you engage your audience with the content you have crafted?

At WriteHaus Asia, we look at how to strengthen your brand while telling a compelling story to your most intimate audiences. We believe that even the simplest messages can disrupt the norms of marketing, leaving a lingering impression on your audiences. When you know who you truly are, there’s no need to scream your message. We help you build an empathetic marketing experience, stirring passion and emotions within your audiences. After all, what’s a good story when nobody’s reacting to it?


4. Choose the right medium



It’s open secret that social media for businesses is no longer an option, it’s a need.

A 2018 study conducted by Sherpa Marketing reveals that more people follow brands on social media than follow celebrities. On Instagram alone, a whopping 80 percent of people follow at least one business.

Social is the new medium to go for brands to engage with their existing and potential consumers, in the fastest possible way.

By identifying the right social media platforms that work for your TA, you can deliver your messages to your audiences right in their natural, digital habitats.

When executed effectively, social media can help lift your brand awareness and retain brand loyalty, while humanising the user-brand experience. Your TA feels a personal connection that helps you stand out from the cacophony that’s vying for their attention, every second of the day.

At WriteHaus Asia, we help you identify the relevant people in your sales funnel, allowing you to capture the attention of your audiences in the optimum time and space. We understand the importance of social branding to your business, and we are involved in every step of the way to ensure you communicate efficiently with the ones that matter most. We look at the content that works for each platform, and help customise your brand story so they can be best perceived by your audiences. Because at the end of the day, a good story never truly dies.



A good story matters to both start-ups and conglomerates. It helps build your relationships with your audiences, and allows you to identify and strengthen what you do as a company to achieve more. Remember, consumers are hit with a barrage of branding information every single day, and the heart behind a good story enables you to emerge from the noise, to be truly unforgettable.

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