The Unexpected Journey: How a Creative Agency Transcends Industries from Fashion to Funerals.

Welcome to WriteHaus Asia’s blog, fellow creative enthusiasts and industry chameleons! Today, we’re embarking on a fascinating exploration of the versatile world of creative agencies. But this isn’t your typical journey – we’re delving into the unexpected twists and turns when a creative agency seamlessly transitions from the glamorous world of fashion to the solemn realm of funerals.


Chapter 1: The Fashion Frenzy (link Charles & Keith)

Picture this: A bustling studio filled with clicking heels, whirring sewing machines, and the occasional burst of laughter. This is where our journey begins – in the heart of the fashion industry. As a creative agency, we’re no strangers to the glitz and glamour of the fashion world. We have supported Charles & Keith in strutting their stuff through video marketing and stealing the spotlight with eye-catching campaigns and captivating visuals. But little did we know our journey was about to take an unexpected turn.


Chapter 2: The Financial and Early Years Turnaround (Link SOLAS AND JESSIN)

As our creative agency continued to evolve, we found ourselves navigating the ever-changing landscape of the financial and early years industry. With our creative team at the helm, we embraced the challenge of helping both sectors stand out in a crowded digital arena. From sleek websites to cutting-edge designs, we leveraged our creativity and expertise to craft campaigns that made waves and left competitors in the dust. But our journey took another surprising twist when we thought we had seen it all.


Chapter 3: The Culinary Chronicles (LINK SHATEC)

Next stop – the world of food and beverage! With taste buds tingling and creativity flowing, our agency embraced the culinary world with open arms. From gourmet restaurants to renowned chefs on the corner, we whipped up mouthwatering campaigns that tantalized taste buds and attracted hungry diners. With savoury visuals and deliciously creative concepts, we helped SHATEC make a splash in the crowded culinary scene. But little did we know our journey was about to take a more unexpected turn.


Chapter 4: The Funeral (LINK CHENG HONG)

And now, for our most unexpected stop yet – funerals. Yes, you read that right. Our creative agency isn’t afraid to tackle even the most sombre subjects with style, grace, and dignity. From heartfelt tributes to elegant memorials, we supported Cheng Hong Welfare Service Society to celebrate the lives of loved ones in a way that was as unique and special as they were. With sensitivity, empathy, and a creative spark, we brought comfort and solace to those in their time of need. It was a surprising departure from our usual projects but one we approached with humility and compassion.


Chapter 5: The Universal Language of Creativity

As our journey grows, one thing becomes abundantly clear – creativity knows no bounds. Whether we’re crafting couture campaigns or heartfelt memorials, the common thread that binds us together is our unwavering commitment to creativity, innovation, and storytelling. From fashion to funerals and everything in between, our agency has embraced our creative journey’s unexpected twists and turns with open arms and an adventurous spirit.


The unexpected journey of a creative agency as we transcend industries from fashion to funerals and beyond. It’s a testament to the limitless possibilities of creativity and the power of storytelling to connect us all, no matter where our journey takes us.  Let’s embrace the unexpected, lean into the unknown, and continue to push the boundaries of creativity together. After all, who knows where our journey will take us next?

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