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Ordering food in was not something that we did on the regular — we much preferred the experience of dining in. However, since staying in and working from has become the new normal in 2020 — ordering in has become a safer way to enjoy various cuisines.

As we frequently travelled to Indonesia for work (pre-COVID-19), we missed the delicious Indonesian food we had there. So, the very first meal we ordered was from Ayam Penyet President — an affordable and delightful eatery that serves Indonesian cuisine. They have casual-dine in locations throughout Singapore (do check https://ayampresident.com/ for locations and more information about their dine-in during this time)

The good was tasty, and we thoroughly enjoyed it!

Here are items that what we usually order!

  • Chicken Satay (6 sticks @ $6.50)
  • Grilled Tilapia Fish (Ikan Bakar @ $11.90)
  • Kangkong Belachan (@ $5.90)
  • Fried Rice a la President (@ $6.50)


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