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As your Gateway to ASEAN, WriteHaus Asia provides all, you will need access to ASEAN’s networks and resources through its contacts within countries like Malaysia or Indonesia; low risk of entry mainly due to our experience working closely together alongside businesses already established there before reaching out ourselves; plus business knowledge obtained firsthand from success stories happening now around MoneyTree Asia and Soccajoeys Australia.

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Partnership Management

Brand expansion can be a costly affair; the time and money invested can also be a risk. A business expansion requires more than just business acumen; it is essential to understand the market’s culture and opportunities. We have the creative and business expertise to launch your business. With technology, the world has gotten smaller, so we can create significant opportunities with you just about from anywhere in the world. As partners in your brand, we believe that C no longer stands for competition; it stands for collaboration. We work with international brands like Soccajoeys Australia, MoneyTree Asia (Malaysia), Montessori Children’s Academy (Indonesia) to expand, grow and maintain the brand in Southeast Asia.

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Strategy into ASEAN

At WriteHaus Asia, we believe that partnerships smoothly pave the way forward for your journey into ASEAN. We take your business' story and create the right messages to reach out to your potential partners' hearts and minds in ASEAN, which can result in the expansion you're looking for!


Our solutions are tailored to you. We have the creativity, innovation and originality necessary for our diverse clients through effective strategies that work hand-in-glove with your needs, no matter how unique they may be. We help businesses grow!

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We're not here to offer you a wide variety of services and tools; we're focused on quality content with consistent branding/marketing campaigns. We know how important it is for companies like yours that want high-quality results!

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Sometimes, the best way to build a better story is to listen - we listen.


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We focus on the experience and emotion of the customer


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We create memorable content for your brand


Publish It

We get it — your content is important to you and you want it to get the most out of your audience.

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When you engage us, you’ll rest in the knowledge that you’ll be able to interest and interact with your customers with the quality of work we’ve done for you. You’ll also be able to return for future services as we’ll have an understanding of your needs. This means a much more efficient process and turnaround without repeating your core objectives with every new project.