Procrastinating? — Here’s How You Can Change the Game

Doing Something Is Better Than Nothing Rather than forcing yourself to sit down and complete the entire task at once, take a first step in the process. For instance, start by putting on your workout outfit if you’re heading to the gym. The rest is optional until you’re ready. Task initiation is extremely difficult on […]

Navigating Your Branding Route: How & Why It Is an Important Step in Your Business

According to the Digital 2022 Global Overview Report, there are 4.62 billion social media users worldwide in January 2022. This figure represents 58.4% of the world’s total population, though it should be noted that social media “users” may not be distinct individuals (learn why). Global social media users have increased by more than 10% in […]

Learning Your Purpose and Why It Matters

You wake up one day and ask yourself “What am I doing with my life and where is it headed?”  That moment happens sometimes — encouraging us to take a pause and think about the journey that we have taken thus far.  It is not an exclusive question asked only by the seemingly lost and […]

What Writing Fandi: Honour & Sacrifice Taught Me

I first met Singapore football legend, Fandi Ahmad on 13 April 2016, with the hope to pen his story. I shared the idea with him and on 29 May 2022 (on his 60th birthday), we launched Fandi: Honour & Sacrifice, now a Sunday Times Bestseller. Just as Fandi found himself in football, I found myself […]

How Content Changes Your Business Game

9 Ways Content Changes Your Business Game Good content is today’s money it helps to produce an image that potential customers can relate with. Engaging, concise and informational content can change the course of how your brand is perceived.   Today’s customers are technologically savvy and they expect information about what they wish to purchase or […]

We Rebranded!

We’re proud to announce a brand refresh, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it! Since we were founded in 2016, we’ve grown from a humble trio team, to a company filled with grit and rigour. Why rebrand, you may ask? As we have evolved, we have matured significantly. We’re bolder and more […]

Why Brands Need to Tell Stories

‘If your stories are all about your products and services, that’s not storytelling. It’s a brochure. Give yourself permission to make the story bigger’ – Jay Baer Waiting to be told deep within the hustle of a brand are great stories. Through customers, employees, partners, stakeholders, etc., brands have a network of narratives. Each person […]

The Heart Behind Every Good Story

We’ve grown up reading and listening to stories, both good and bad. A good story is emotionally-stirring, intrinsically crafted, and nests within our memories for a long, long time to come. A good story resonates not just with one person, but opens conversations for one and all. Storytelling has become an ageless tool allowing us to […]

Will Huawei Ever Catch a Break?

Huawei has certainly faced a rough couple of months lately. First, the global leader in telecoms, hailing from China, faced US trade restrictions after president Donald Trump blacklisted it. Share prices fell, affecting not just Huawei and its Asian suppliers, but several top US tech firms as well. Things did look up when Trump shifted […]